Gumbo is the fastest growing recipe platform, on a mission to reduce food waste. An ingredient first recipe finder unlocking millions of possibilities with the items you already have at home.


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From breakfast inspirations to indulgent dinners, gooey desserts to cultured cocktails, Gumbo has the recipe. As the world’s fastest-growing food platform, Gumbo needed a brand that would take them from side dish, to main course.

Bringing a new approach to the table, we built Gumbo around modern food culture, with an adventurous spirit that helps them speak to a new wave of home chefs seeking exciting new recipes and less food waste. With millions of dishes a click away, we combined the suggestive tagline ‘We’ve Got the Recipe’ with a natural, conversational tone around food. Much more than a web tool, Gumbo now learns your taste to suggest more recipes you’ll love that suit your cooking style. Your own personal sous chef, meal planner, cookbook and nutritional guide.

Serving up a whole new way to discover meals, Gumbo gives users the ability to search and filter every recipe website instantly.
Gumbo starts with ingredients and filters by taste, time and cuisine. The more recipes to cook from, the less likely food waste.
An example of the user interface design, showing UI tags used on the website
An Artland campaign poster showcasing the identity design for the brand, featuring images of works by KAWS and Frida Kahlo
Combining inspiration from the nature of the dish (a famous hearty stew made up of a mixture of ingredients) with the expressive nature of cooking, we created ‘The Mixing Bowl’. A playful mark used to breathe life, fun and soul into the brand. Several versions were made to allow for variety across promotional channels.
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Already counting 700,000 users of their MVP tool, Gumbo asked us to reimagine their website into a wider, dynamic platform that learns user tastes. We helped them go beyond searches, allowing users to easily source, save, and filter dishes, making meal planning and discovery a breeze. Using AI learning, Gumbo constantly adapts to your cooking needs, giving each user a personal experience based on their own kitchen habits.
Throwing motion into the mix, we built Gumbo an expressive brand language referencing the movement of cookery index cards and the playful, joyous nature of cooking itself.

“MOVING has completely transformed our business, entirely revitalising Gumbo’s strategy, personality and website. We’ve gone from homemade to restaurant standard. Everyone comments on how stunning we look, and we have successfully secured further investment thanks to their work.”

— Jacob Strauss, Founder @ Gumbo

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