Delphlyx is changing the way clubs and agents unearth new talent. We helped them define, design and build an innovative new platform, bringing smart data analytics to the beautiful game.


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Delphlyx is on a mission to challenge the traditional methods of football recruitment. Using firsthand experience at a Premier League club, founder Thomas Randolph envisaged a simpler way to interpret complex data analytics and distil it down to what matters on the pitch. Aimed at executive-level management and analysts in football clubs worldwide, users are given a wealth of tools that help them track, compare and sign players. Following an initial investment, we partnered with Delphlyx to take the platform from prototype to product.

The new identity system is built around the platform’s core concept of comparison, reinforced by the chevron ‘X’ icon used as a foundation throughout the brand. Working collaboratively with Delphlyx we handled UX/UI and product design, transforming the client’s initial sketches into a fully working and expandable piece of software. Sold to clubs worldwide on a subscription basis, Delphlyx has seen major growth, with uptake across the top-tier leagues and more than an 800% return on the initial project investment as of 2023.

Delphlyx identity design logo showcase
Delphlyx icon design, shown as an app cover on a phone screen
Delphlyx website landing page design featuring the header The Future of Player Scouting and Recruitment
Delphlyx is a scouting analytics app that simplifies match statistics to give clubs a competitive edge in player recruitment.
Printed stationery design showing a business card and comliment slip with Delphlyx logo
Designed to interpret vast quantities of data quickly, Delphlyx gives statistically matched results from 90,000 players to allow comparisons at a glance.
Delphlyx app design showing a screen comparing two player statistics
Delphlyx UI Kit design as part of their app and online software >
Working closely with Delphlyx we handled the full software design in-house, partnering with our development team to create a fully working and scalable product.
Delphlyx software shown on an ipad and iphone featuring player statistics

“MOVING feel like part of our own team. They’ve built a brand to be proud of that works, and turned an early MVP into a functioning and thriving reality. We’re now operating on a global scale with new signings to our service every month.”

— Thomas Randolph, Founder, Delphlyx

Delphlyx identity design applied to a metal sports bottle
Delphlyx logo applied to a football sports jacket
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